Soundgrifter January challenge 2018 yepIn 2018, Soundgrifter took on a challenge to produce tunes using unconventional methods each month. Unconventional methods include sampling a car, recording underwater and autotuning Persian pop. Listen to each month here:


Soundgrifter debut album Positive Segregation 2017 

Soundgrifter “Positive Segregation” (2018)
The album is a hodgepodge of electro acoustic pop with an alternative twist. “Positive Segregation” is available on Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Juno, Wimp etc. from October 25th 2017. Singles “Saw you” and “I’m with you” are already out. Available music videos:
“Saw you”
“I’m with you” (I am so glad sound design version)
“So Blue” (feat. SheemaW)
“Lose Again”


saw_you_2016_thumbnail_2 Saw you feat. Xara
watch video on YouTube (Madagascar edition)

Soundgrifter_logo_textSoundgrifter feat. Xara
I’m with you ( I am so glad sound design edition)


Can I stay..?
Vocal instruments and a K2000 synth.

One song, no melody.