SOUNDGRIFTER- it’s music.. right..?

Second album “Commie Con” OUT

Listen to the album on


Music videos from Commie Con

Take my place
At the speed of sound
A whole lotta nothing
Morning star
Garden of the human Goddess



Challenge 2018

Each month uploaded to YouTube at:

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.37.04 AM.pngDecember Challenge 2018

The last challenge of 2018 will appropriately be built using the last traces of sound- reverberation. Sometimes direct sounds are so incorporated with their reverb they just become “one”- like ambience.



November 2018

This round is presented by Formula E, Tennis, Wrestling and Snooker.



October 2018

Have you found that song that syncs up perfectly to the rhythm of your windshield wipers yet? Neither have I. Take a listen to other cool stuff a good car can produce.


September_Challenge_image.jpgSeptember Challenge 2018

What is sound like underwater..? ..well, that is, recorded through microphones inside an enclosed “air-space”. Microphones can breathe underwater.
(out September 17th 2018)


Challenge_August_2018.jpgAugust Challenge 2018

Listen to what life sounds like when you’re the only one sober.
(out August 6th 2018)



July challenge Sshot 2018July Challenge 2018

All these birds that never shut up… Some people call their song “beautiful”. Clearly those people have never been kept up by a midnight marathon conference of seagulls. Listen (and watch) how these “vocals” can contribute to your production… (out July 15th 2018)



June Challenge 2018

This time all credit goes to past recordings as I’m sampling bits and pieces of random LP:s. Check it out!
(out June 23rd 2018)



May Challenge 2018
Listen to how a recording studio sounds as an instrument HERE
(out May 6th 2018)



April Challenge 2018.
Watch an unprofessional instrumentalist have no idea what to do with a flute and a banjo.
(out April 14th 2018)



March Challenge 2018 “music by whatever I find in my kitchen” explores the depths of aioli and kettles. Aubergine and champagne may feature in the future.
(out March 7th 2018)


February challenge

Making a pop song has never been easier. Check out what you too can achieve with very little heart. Just let the pentatonic scale do the job for you. Watch video HERE
(out February 7th 2018)


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 8.27.08 PM.png Recording noise and general sounds out in traffic on the way to work. With a bit of tinkering and editing one can produce some fine beats. Watch video HERE
(out January 20th 2018)

It’s sound, it’s noise. It is what it is.